Your Bizarre Adventure Update

Your Bizarre Adventure – Update December 2021. All the updates of the most recent updates. You can find updates such as events, fights Fixed bugs new rates, and more

Your Bizarre Adventure Update – July 2022 – v1

  • x2 New Codes
  • New STAND:Stone Free
  • Obtained by an unidentified Arrow or at Robux Store! Robux Store!
  • Ten abilities total!
  • New Main Game Map for the Main Game
  • New “Fast Travel” NPC’s!
  • 15 New Stand Skins that are suitable for these Stands
  • Stone Free
  • MCU Spider-Man
  • Comic Venom Spider-Man
  • Venom
  • Stone Platinum
  • The Universe Alternate Universe
  • There is no new skin, however the an existing skin “The Waifu Alternate Universe” was redesigned and the previous model will become an entirely new skin for The Universe (Below)
  • The Universe
  • The Waifu version 2
  • The waifu (v1) is not available anymore! !
  • G-Moon
  • Vela Nova
  • Golden Nail IV
  • Tomb Crypt Tusk
  • Ember of the Magician Ember
  • Sorcerer’s Ember
  • Platinum Sun
  • Luffy Gear 4
  • Yellow Hot Chili Pepper
  • Golden Frieza
  • Golden Spirit Requiem
  • Lord Boros
  • Platinum Sun: The Universe
  • Star Waifu: The World
  • White Poison
  • Deimos Snake
  • How to Get There Way to Heaven
  • Mr Jukes Angels
  • Ms. Vice-President
  • Mr. Joestar
  • New Soundtracks
  • 60+ tracks included in this game!
  • 50plus tracks in 1v1s, 2v2s and SBR!

Your Bizarre Adventure Update – December 2021 – v0.9

Christmas Celebration

  • Find Christmas Presents! They are available on the map (0.5 percent chance to spawn) or won through winning games (drop chance will be shown below). They can be opened for a chance to win the random Limited Edition cosmetic or item!
  • Chances to win Christmas Present to win in game modes:
  • 1v1’s = 4%
  • 2v2’s = 1%
  • Third Casual MBR 5percent
  • 2. Casual MBR Second = 10 10%
  • First Casual MBR =15 percent
  • Third MBR Competitive =10 10%
  • The Competitive MBR2nd is 15 percent
  • First Competitive MBR = 20 percent
  • The entire Limited Edition Christmas items will be unavailable until the end of the event!
  • 2x Item Spawning is enabled ( The 2x spawns stack with the 2x spawn during weekends so that it will be 4x item being spawned! )
  • 2x Stand Skins chances ( Work with the robux shop! )
  • +10 New Limited Edition Christmas Cosmetics
  • +7 New Limited Edition Christmas Gifts
  • New Limited Edition Christmas Skins The Skins include +1 Platinum Sun, Platinum Sun The Universe, +2 The Universe, +1 The Universe Alternate Universe +6 Pistols, The Deadly King, Scarlet
  • King King, King, Airsmith King, +1 Airsmith Ocean Boy 1 Anubiz
  • The Christmas celebration will come to an end on the 21st of January (January 3rd)

The New Trade Interface

  • Trade STANDS and ITEMS along with Cosmetics!
  • Chat while you trade!
  • Many visual enhancements!
  • It is possible to start trading with the new system from The Menu HUD!

New skins

  • +1 Platinum Sun
  • + The Platinum Sun The Universe
  • 1 Deadly King
  • +1 Golden Nail IV
  • + The Universe
  • + The Universe Alternate Universe
  • + Anubiz

New Cosmetics

  • +2 Common
  • +2 Epic

New codes

Find these here


  • Stand Skin names will now be visible on the slots that hold stand storage and the stand stats that are equipped in the settings
  • You can now delete cosmetics more quickly
  • A New Stand Design Model is available to accompany Scarlet King Requiem
  • New Animations and Models to accompany the limited Halloween Edition Pluck Skin (Scythe)
  • Caps increased for the amount of exclusive items are able to own per (increased between 1 and 30)


  • Fixed Cinematic Mode that makes your money disappear in perpetuity until the time you reappear or rejoin

Your Bizarre Adventure Update – v0.896

  • halloween event over. Stand skins are tradable soon,, so don’t let go of Halloween skins just yet! They’ll be extremely valuable since they aren’t available
  • The exploit was patched by Patched that enabled users using Magician’s Ember, Platinum Sun: The Universe, and Vampire Fighting-Style to instantly kill other users


  • Base has been increased Epitaph CD
  • The size of the Dimension Slash endlag a bit
  • Taken out Pierce Strike’s hitbox
  • The “Inhale” movement’s duration
  • Eliminated 1 Meat Shield upgrade node from Boxing’s Skill Tree
  • Damage to the Beatdown’s Ora beatdown was lessened.

Your Bizarre Adventure Update – v0.894

  • Fixed mobs that were duplicated and immortal, which slowed the servers quite a bit hopefully for the best. solved the infinite combo using the detonation bomb and plant to Deadly King as well as Deadly King Bites the Dust


  • Fixed Conqueror’s Will
  • Fixed Bite the Dust
  • Fixed Headless Horseman dialogue is not working for mobile devices.

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