Back 4 Blood’s Children of the Worm DLC releases today

Fight a cultist group by using a brand new cleaner.

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios have released the second expansion for the co-operative zombie shooter that is first-person. Back 4 Blood.

It’s called Children of the Worm, the DLC includes brand new story elements that put you in an encounter with a brand new foe named The Cultists who are fighting for the ascendance in the realm of Ridden.

To fight this new menace, the expansion features an all-new playable Cleaner known by the name of “Prophet” Dan. The Self-professed “preacher of the end times” makes use of his abilities to revive to give your team an opportunity to win.

The latest DLC includes 8 exclusive skins for characters as well as twelve exclusive skins for weapons as well as new accessories, weapons, and cards.

Available within The Back 4 Blood Annual Pass, Back 4 Blood: Deluxe Edition also known as Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition can also be purchased as a separate purchase. Children of the Worm follows the previously released Back 4 Blood expansion Tunnels of Terror that is currently available.

Back 4 Blood is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.