More innovation and digitization: the Hazardous Waste Management platform was presented

  • This tool allows you to observe the entire process of operations 100 100% online with Ciudadano Digital.
  • Municipalities and the province reached an agreement with the mayors to grant powers local authorities and allows for the decentralization of the management of this kind of garbage.

The Secretary of the Environment, dependent on the Ministry of Coordination, officially inaugurated the platform for managing hazardous waste. This way, generators, operators , and the carriers of this kind of trash will have the ability complete all of their processes entirely online using Ciudadano Digital.


Digitalization via the platform (CiDi) permits to use the Environment portfolio to track the entire process of working that involve hazardous waste, from its beginning until its disposal. To all the parties involved of this process, namely generators operators, carriers – via one manifest, it provides them with the option of taking action and monitoring continuously the progress of their demands.

In the course of the event, the Coordinating Minister, Silvina Rios, said: “This program is aligned with the work that the Province has been carrying out in terms of technological innovation and the generation of tools that seek to facilitate the link between the Government and the citizen to make the simplest, most efficient and transparent procedures and procedures”. The official explained that the initiative “seeks to support those who must adhere to the rules through tools and education in the hopes of preventing and preserving resources. 

To his credit The Environmental Secretary José Carlos Scotto has highlighted the improvements made in digitizing environmental regulations, which currently exceed 75, and added that in the province “we are convinced that the proper management of hazardous waste promotes the care of natural resources, promotes the creation of green employment and promotes the circular economy”.

On the same day, representatives from the municipalities of Cordoba Capital Villa Maria, Villa Dolores, San Francisco, Rio Cuarto, Tancacha and Villa Nueva signed a mutual collaboration agreement with the provincial government. As a result of this agreement the disposal of hazardous waste will be distributed and the municipalities are empowered to register on their own as well as access and manage the information they register.

Additionally the announcement was made the small-scale generators could not be required to the cost of registration and renewal in the event that they do not produce more than 1000 kilograms worth of trash each year.

The ceremony was attended by the undersecretary of the Environment, Maria Victoria Muccillo as well as the Secretary of the Environmental Police, Adrian Rinaudo Municipal authorities; professional associations relating to this subject, representatives of the business and transportation sector, as well as those committed to the transfer of this kind of waste.

To begin the process for those who are interested, they must log into Digital Citizen with their username and password. within the search engine type”Hazardous Waste” and click “Hazardous Waste” and follow the instructions provided in the instructions provided by the site.

What is the time when waste is considered to be hazardous?

If “it can cause damage, directly or indirectly, to living beings or contaminate the soil, water, atmosphere or the environment in general”. Automotive workshops’ oils Chemicals, paints solvents, the waste of veterinary, medical dental and other offices are all examples of this type of garbage.

Juan Manuel Zamora, in charge of the Hazardous Waste and Recomposition area along with his team, maintain and keep up-to-date the Registry of Generators Operators, Generators and Transporters for Hazardous Waste , as in addition to their movement and management by using various processes for management and control.

In this dependency, it is the time that an Annual Environmental Certificate is issued , a requirement for transportation companies, industries and treatment facilities, disposal or treatment plants and all other processes which produce or work with hazardous waste are able to be licensed.