The Cards Of Pokemon: Dragon Majesty (Part 14): Full Art Dragons!

Bleeding Cool continues his journey through the Pokemon TCG’s Sun/or Moon era. The series of spotlights have been progressing through this op–ep-delayed collection (Sun & Moon Base and Guardians Rising), Crimson Invasion and Ultra Prism, Crimson Invasion and Ultra Prism, Shining Legends,Forbidden light, Celestial Storm, and Crimson Invasion). Now it’s time for us to look at a new set: Dragon Majesty, released September 7, 2018, more than a month after Sun & Moon Storm. This set is the second from this era, after the Legends. The title doesn’t include the words “Sun” or the moon, so it isn’t released in booster boxes. We continue today with the full arts.

Dragon Majesty. Credit: Pokemon TCG

Man, man! These cards are a favorite of a large portion of my heart. I love Altaria and Dragonite, and mainstay artist house5ban Graphics does a great job with the figure drawing. The pea soup color used in this era is too strong for me, as it was given to Dragon-type Full Arts. Poopemon TCG incorrectly limits each type to one color, instead of the unique backgrounds that were given to Full Arts in previous Black & White and XY eras and the Swallow & Shield eras. Full Art is a great place to find dragon-types. The previous era’s Dragon-type cards had a black/green, iridescent color. This color would have been great for these cards as a background color. The entire era was dominated by pea soup. Full Arts bore the brunt.

Take a journey through Pokemon TCG: Dragonmajesty. Click the Dragon Majesty logo below to go back in time. The journey continues next time with the main portion of this set.